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Interlatin 19th year history from the heart of Jim Villalvazo (Founder)

Interlatin 19th year history from the heart of Jim Villalvazo (Founder)

It all started in a simple way:

  • 1994 I met Alex Carrillo. Dovatron Puebla, Puebla Mexico.
  • 1995 I told DEK to move to Mexico, they refused.
  • 1995 Alex and I, in route to Siemens to help with a screen printer issue, Dek. We talked about an idea where sales would be local but with OEM service locally available with spares.
  • 1998 Interlatin is born

She (Interlatin) was created to help make Mexico  a leader in manufacturing electronic circuit boards/systems. We would drive customers to purchase the machines from Mexico. Previously procurement was done from foreign based companies then sent to Mexico. Systems were configured in accordance with foreign standards and making the Mexican marketplace  process painful, sometimes.

We came here with engineering concepts to help promote the quality and stability of our production lines in Mexico. We had vision and we had methods to succeed. We started with 7 persons. We focused on all our people and their families.

People couldn’t understand our business model!

  1. A sales Representation company with engineers as a employees.
  2. The market then only wanted foreign OEM engineers. Anything local was considered sub-quality and/or pirated service capabilities.

Today, having started in 1998, we have cultivated nearly 1000 engineers and technicians!

Nearly 20 years ago we stated that our road map would lead to our own proper products, introduced, produced, sold and establishing standards, in Mexico and worldwide. Today we have succeeded: I am very proud of our SMT stencils – COBRA/VIPER, stencils which have been established to exceed the most challenging SMT processes. Even the world famous Nano Stencils can’t match our productivity standards.

Interlatin is synonymous to service and innovation.

We see new things coming in 2018, on our way to accomplish 20 years of service to this market. We have new ideas on the horizon, IoT and Industrie 4.0 will be basic for these new developments. We’re beefing up our engineering staffs and our sales groups with our top line products. We’ll continue to help nurture our marketplace.


Making sure we are second to none.

About the author

Jim Villalvazo in one of the first Interlatin founders back in 1998. With more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Jim never gives up in his efforts to improve the SMT processes in Mexico and throughout the world. He is one of the proud creators of Cobra Stencil.


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