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case studies

Case studies

Cobra Stencil

Cobra is a unique technology in the world that helps you to improve your CpK and Yield by changing only the stencil on your SMT manufacturing process.

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The process Engineers from a global EMS company, that has been in Guadalajara for more than 15 years with 2 plants in the North and South regions of the city, explain to us all the benefits that using a Cobra Stencil has brought to their processes. ¡They have been able to save up to one complete SMT line by just changing the stencil!

CTA: ¡Start improving your SMT processes!

¡Start improving your SMT processes!

SAP Business One

SAP is one of the largest software creators in the world. Based in Germany, its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is considered the market leader helping thousands of companies, from large corporations to medium-sized companies, to obtain control, traceability and analytics of their processes.

Resinas y Materiales is a company leader in the manufacture of synthetic resins. Their corporate offices decided to implement SAP Business One with the guidance of Interlatin. Some of the problems solved with this implementation were:

  • Lack of congruence and reliability in interdepartmental information
  • Lack of assertive communication between departments
  • Decision making based on incomplete information or lack of information.

Discover the results of this implementation, in our video

¡Discover what SAP can do for your business!

JUKI – Torres de Materiales Essegi

A fundamental part of intelligent factories is to have control and traceability of your processes from the moment you receive the manufacturing materials. It is precisely for this purpose that the material towers exist. They carry an exact inventory of the components that they store, a record of who and how much material has been obtained, exact temperatures for the maintenance of each type of component, and stablish communications with the equipment that uses these components.

One of the largest EMS companies in the world, with offices in Guadalajara in 3 different plants all of them located in eastern Guadalajara suburbs, has successfully implemented various material towers in its processes. The benefits have been evident:

  • 70% space reduction in warehouse.
  • Increase in the processed lines from 40 to 200.
  • Possibility of consulting the inventory in real time.

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